In Victorian times, privacy screens were used to create private dressing areas. Today, they still serve the same privacy need but they can add a decorative element to your room as well.

Privacy screens vs. Room dividers

When it comes to privacy screens and rooms dividers they are basically exactly the same and are used to divide a large room space, or used as decorative items. The Asians called them privacy screens and the westerners call them room dividers. Decades ago they were used in the Royal palaces in Asia as well as in Europe. Majority of these screens are made up of three panels or more which are attached together by means of hinges and have now been used as decorative room dividers for those living in small apartments.

Privacy screens


Privacy screens in modern era

There may be two situations: you may be living in a large space that needs to be divided into two or more portions or, when space is at a premium, a room sometimes has to do a double duty.

Let’s start with the first situation. Maybe you have two children that do not want to share and there is not enough space to erect a wall. In such a situation, you can make use of privacy screens which is far more intriguing than constructing a concrete wall. Furthermore, by incorporating a decorative screen you are also incorporating some history.

Now move on to discuss the second situation, for instance, your home office might have to be housed in the bedroom or a family room. If you don’t want to see the office furniture after office hours — or if you just want a little privacy — you’ll probably want to separate the two spaces by some sort of room divider. And if you’re an artist at heart, there are some great decorative room divider screens that are both practical and lots of fun.

Privacy screens

Hiding the mess and directing the traffic into a room

If you lack a defined entry, you can create one using a privacy screen in your room. By using a privacy screen, you can redirect traffic into a room, and, of course, you can hide dirty things that you don’t want anybody to see.

Privacy screens


Designs and styles of privacy screens

We’ve observed a considerable change in the design and style of privacy screens over the past few decades and these are now used for dwellings. Besides houses, these are now being used in restaurants, offices, shows, hospitals and much more. In the past, privacy screens were usually made from fabric and wooden frames. Nowadays, manufacturers are using materials like aluminium, fibre etc to create amazing designs and styles. The more unique they are the better, and artists have produced some very attractive and compelling styles and designs.

For example, one can now buy privacy screens that have been made from stained glass, or sandblasted glass or glass, glazed glass and glass that have been etched. There are many decorated with fine arts and crafts made by really soft materials. Then there are plastic privacy screens that have been moulded and a variety of colours has been added during the moulding process. Over and above this, if you have your own idea then you can have a customized privacy screen for your home décor. So the choices are unlimited.

Privacy screens

Final words

If you’re living in any part of Australia and looking for a privacy screen or room divider, visit our site and select your desired piece. If you want a customized screen, don’t hesitate to discuss your idea with us. You name it and we will design it for you.

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