Outdoor Living in Australia – The New Must Have in Every Home

//Outdoor Living in Australia – The New Must Have in Every Home

Outdoor Living in Australia – The New Must Have in Every Home

Australian’s are renowned for enjoying the great outdoors, so it’s no surprise that the use of our backyards has evolved.  What was once our personal cricket pitch when our extended family came to visit, has taken on a whole new life, being used like another room in our homes.

We enjoy being outdoors so much that the design of our homes is now often centered around creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior of our homes.  Designers work to bring the outside in.

Open plan living has become the norm, with the design of the interior flowing outside into the alfresco area creating an additional space which is naturally used by the family and for entertaining guests.

Flooring used internally in the home is now often also used externally, plastered ceilings in the family room spill out into the alfresco, with modern downlights and enough space for a large dining setting and often even outdoor lounges to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Beyond this, full external kitchens can now be found in many backyards across Australia, with homeowners cooking meals for their family and friends whilst enjoying the ability to participate in more conversation because they no longer need to leave guests to go inside to cook.

Modern technology is now also beginning to feature in backyards, with TVs able to appear at the touch of a button, stereos with surround sound installed and heating and cooling appliances such as electric fireplaces included to ensure plans are not put on hold due to changes in weather.

Homeowners are designing and decorating these spaces to ensure comfort, elegance and participation can occur no matter what each day brings.

For those looking to purchase a property, outdoor living is now being included on the checklist of necessities which house hunters expect no matter the size of their budget.

For those looking to sell, say goodbye to the humble backyard cricket pitch, and embrace this trend appearing across the country.  Ensure you appeal to a wider target market by ensuring you design an outdoor living area in your home.  Once you’ve completed this though, you may not want to leave!




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