Once you decide on using light boxes, decide whether you want to buy or create. Making your own personal light boxes is fun. But remember, it takes time and you must possess skill to create one. So, it’s always good to buy one. Light boxes are generally for commercial use in large corporations or small businesses. You can observe them everywhere around you. For instance, in places like malls and airports, the LED box displays tend to be on a larger scale. We usually don’t think about how we’re able to see the images with a light in the background. Normally referred to as back lit lighting which is images printed on a poster that allows light to seep through it.

Light boxes

Let’s see what are the benefits of light boxes in business advertising?

Using little space and clearly conveying your brand message.

Illumination and brightness help to make your message visible.

Reduction in the maintenance costs.

Reduction in the energy costs.

Light boxes are environment friendly.

Light boxes
These light boxes play a major role in advertising business but that doesn’t mean that they have only commercial purpose. As a matter of fact, architects are now paying special attention to light boxes and using them in home decor. In fact, home designers are using light boxes in many ways. For example, you can fix a nicely etch wooden frame around the light box and place it in a darker room. The illuminated frame will not only brighten up the place but it’ll also enhance the overall beauty of your house.

Light boxes

In other instances, you can put any kind of image or art work into the LED boxes. Even famous paintings can be printed on the back light film and place inside a light box as long as they are not copyrighted. Another great thing about the light box is that you can also use it as a night light in a room. The brightness of the light can be adjusted with lighter or darker images of the art work.

Light boxes

If you’ve a basement, these light boxes displays are a great way to cast off fake windows. Basements usually have one or two windows with hardly any sunlight coming through. A simple light box without any photos can be mounted on a wall or shades over the LED box display that allows the light to defuse through to give the illusion and even mimic a window. And putting valences on each side of the blind really hides the fact that there’s a wall behind the light. Even with the box turned off, the dressings of the faux windows will still make the room feel like a comfy living room, bedroom, game room, or whichever room the basement is meant to be. If a window illusion isn’t needed, the LED box will go along well with a bar/lounge theme in the basement too.

Light boxes

Final words

Anything meant for commercial business can be suitable for home use with some creativity. And it’s not so scary to incorporate using light boxes into your home design.