Visual variation plays a critical role in creating a good interior design. It can be achieved by combining different textures. One great way to strategize around that concept is the decorative wall panel or screen, which can be colourful or muted, bold or subtle, depending upon what you’ve got in your mind. Decorative screens have been around for years and served as a piece of furniture, a work of art, a decorative object and an architectural element. Let me share a few tips on how to enhance the beauty of interior using decorative wall panel or screen.

 Decorative wall panel or screens for windows

For instance, you have a window that overlooks a parking lot, a brick wall, your neighbour’s messy backyard- a decorative wall panel or screen can easily hide these visual nuisances while offering an aesthetic look at the same time. You can choose a screen with bright colours or perhaps hills or river scene to make your space look fabulous. You can even have a large photo of your family printed on the screen. Just place it in front of your window and make sure it’s thin enough to allow the sunlight to shine through. In fact, these decorative screens are less expensive and more decorative solution than heavy curtains.

Decorative wall panel or screen

Bring variations through decorative wall panel or screens

You can create an artistic theme by using different styles of decorative screens in different parts of your house. For example, you can have two sets of three screens on the walls. One set in the living room featuring three acrylic flowers that are spread out above the couch and one in your bedroom featuring three lions in the wild. You can also use more sets in other areas of your house.

In this technique, each panel is hung side by side to imply that all of the pieces are designed to go together. However, all of them are actually separate pieces. It’ll give your space a modern and sophisticated look.

Decorative wall panel or screen

Decorative wall panel or screens as a headboard

Decorative screens create a terribly peaceful environment. For instance, if you place them in the back of your bed, they can act as a headboard. If you choose a light-coloured decorative wall panel or screen, it’ll function to highlight colourful throw pillows. Styles in metal, plastic, acrylic, wood or steel can strike a truly decorative pose in any area of your house and add character without breaking your budget.

Decorative wall panel or screen

Decorative screens in the bathroom

Now a day, modern architectures are rapidly adopting this technique. It not only enhances the beauty but also serves to hide bathroom areas like a shower or you can also conceal a toilet. Besides, decorative screens and wall panels create privacy without being permanent.

Decorative wall panel or screen

Final words

Hopefully, you got a few new ideas after reading this article. I’ve always been a big fan of decorative screens and wall panels, and may even get some more to put in places like the bathroom and kitchen. I love them because they’re economical, available in various styles and colours and very easy to install. Have a look at our extensive variety of screens at Decorative Screens Australia.

As always, any tips or comments you have can be posted below.

Happy decorating!