Are you making the most of your fences for screening and privacy? Let’s cast a cursory glance at some of the advantages of garden screens.


Imagine, it’s a sunny Saturday evening and you’re enjoying your favourite beer and some well-deserved respite in your garden.  The last thing disturbing your peaceful refuge is the sight of your next door neighbour barbecuing in his shorts, right?

With the growing urban population, it is becoming quite impossible to maintain privacy. However, you need not worry anymore. With these beautiful garden screens, you’ll be a world away from your neighbours in no time.

Undoubtedly, garden screening can offer householders a variety of beneficial features. Besides offering a degree of personal privacy, they also enhance attractiveness together with shade for your backyard or garden.

scion night club

Enhanced privacy option for tables at a nightclub, separating the dance floor from the tables.

Aesthetic appeal

Another perk of installing garden screens is the fabulous lift it can give your garden. As a matter of fact, some people buy it only to beautify their garden. A strategically placed screen can be used as a standout feature piece.

Why should you go for a concrete wall or a drab-looking fence when you have the option of a privacy screen. These screens are available in a wide range of designs, you will surely find a perfect garden screen to complement your existing décor. To add extra fun, you can buy a customized garden screen for whatever kind of style you wish to achieve, from antique to modern or sleek to rustic.

Protection against foreign elements

The garden screens offer an added benefit of reducing the amount of UV light and heat that is able to filter through, making them an excellent addition in the warmer months. Do you know you can extend the life of your outdoor furniture if you strategically place your outdoor garden screen? It will protect your outdoor material and fabrics from the direct sunlight. By providing a shaded area you will be protecting your furniture (and yourself!) from damaging UV rays, without sacrificing your view or ventilated airflow in the process. Besides, it also allows maintaining the refreshing flow of fresh air that we all love about the outdoors.

pinwheel decorative garden screening

Decorative screens used on a carport for safety and to protect your car from falling elements, like trees and honkey nuts.

A cost-effective solution

It’s a really cost-effective option as compared to installing a full fence or wall, and it also looks mesmerizing. What’s more, it can even add monetary value to your home, so it could also be seen as a long-term investment and one which you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Besides, you don’t need to spend much on its maintenance. So all in all, a great option to save some money.

spa alfresco garden screens

Fully enclosed spa retreat enhanced with vertical gardens and garden screening.

Easy to maintain

If you’re going to install an aluminium garden screen then you need almost zero maintenance. With a powder coated or galvanized garden screen, you never need to redo it. Just install it in your backyard or garden and enjoy it for many years to come. Aluminium is low maintenance, resistant to corrosion, easy to maintain and durable, making it the perfect material for outdoor garden privacy screens. Its surface would never fade, rust or damage over the years.